Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The challenges continue and we need your help!

The latest "Ins and Outs"

These last few weeks have, as always, been very busy! Sadly, several weeks ago, Kevin, who had been with us for just over 3 years decided to return to his family and even though was probably not in his best interests due to his family circumstances, he was determined to be reintegrated into a very precarious family situation in Sucre.
During May we received into El Camino two boys, Armando (15) and Brayan (14). Sadly neither of them stayed for more than a week, and Brayan left taking David with him, who had only been with us for two months!
Also, just this last week, Roselin left El Alfarero together with her baby Carla. Thankfully our staff found her in the city the same day and convinced her to allow us to look after her baby until she made a firm decision. As Roselin has not returned, little Carla has now been placed in another home for babies, and we are unaware of her situation at present.
Also Agustin left El Camino 3 days ago, but having been found by our street team, returned yesterday and will hopefully settle back in quickly!
As you can see life with Operation Restoration is always full of challenges, heart breaks and celebrations. Please be praying specifically for our staff team as they live through this emotional roller-coaster almost every day!

We need your help!

There are several ways in which you can help as we think about next year celebrating 25 years since the founding of Operation Restoration in 1991:

  • We are looking for a new generation of trustees for Operation Restoration on both sides of the Atlantic, to take this vital work into the future and see it develop and grow. We need people who are called and have a passion to offer their time and talents on a voluntary basis to capture the vision and run with it for the next 25 years!
  • We are looking for faithful intercessors that would be interested on receiving regular detailed news to be praying specifically for the current needs.
  • We are looking for more child sponsors to provide for the basic daily needs of those in our care in the areas of food, accommodation, health, education, clothing, personal hygiene, etc. Check out our website link on top right of this page.
  • We are looking for regular giving to help provide for our ever increasing costs, as we deal with inflation in double figures and salary increases averaging 8% each year for the last 5 years! (Our only salaried workers are our Bolivian workers)
  • We are looking for legacy giving and corporate donations to build a foundation to secure the economic future of Operation Restoration long term.

If you would like any more information please write to us at: oprest@ywambolivia.com

Monday, 20 April 2015

A short update to introduce you to Carla Dayana!!

Carla Dayana born 6th April 2015 weighing 3kg.

Carla Dayana
Our youngest member of the family, Carla Dayana, was released from the hospital a week ago today and Roselin, her 13 year old mother, is adapting to her new responsibility with the capable help of our El Alfarero staff. The other girls in the home are spoiling the "new girl" and enjoying helping Roselin with learning curve that comes of being such a young mother.
Please pray for them both at this vital time of bonding as mother and child.

Annual Staff Lunch

This last Saturday, 18th April, we had our annual staff lunch, recognizing the amazing service that all our staff give for the benefit of the children and young people who decide to leave their street life and accept the opportunity that the Lord offers them through the work of Operation Restoration.
We now have an all Bolivian team of 24 staff, with the need for one or two more, but we are seeing a new maturity in the ministry as a whole and seeing the fruit in the lives of the youngsters in our homes.

Thank you for your part in all we are privileged to see here. Recognizing that without your prayers and giving, none of this would be possible We are looking forward to seeing this work grow and flourish both this year and in the years to come. THANKS!

Monday, 13 April 2015

A very busy time with more new faces added to the family.........

Roselin and her little one!

Last Monday 6th April, Roselin had an emergency caesarian in the maternity hospital in Santa Cruz and gave birth to her daughter weighing in at just over 3kgs. Roselin was released from the hospital on Thursday, but the little one was kept in due to a mild infection, but should be released in the next day or so. Please be praying for both Mum and baby and that the little one might be named soon too!! (It is not unusual in Bolivia not to name a child for several weeks after the birth - we will keep you posted!)

New faces in El Camino

Luis Angel

We have recently received two new 14 year old boys into El Camino, with very different experiences on the streets. David arrived in El Camino on Friday 27th March after just six weeks on the streets and Luis Angel arrived in El Camino on Friday 10th April after six years on the streets. Both had their time of assessment and orientation in our reception house, El Toborochi prior to integrating into the El Camino family, and both seem to be settled in very well. Please be praying for them at this crucial time of adaptation to their new life!

Lots of visitors

We have received four groups/teams over the last three weeks, three from Canada and one international team!! They have been a great blessing to the ministry, our staff and especially to the youngsters both on the streets and in our homes, and were instrumental in seeing the two boys mentioned above, take their decision to leave the streets and take the step into our homes! Thanks to all who have taken the time to come and see all the Lord is doing in the lives of the children here!

Remember our staff

Please be praying for our amazing staff team, who are always ready to be so flexible and stretched to accommodate the reception of new youngsters in our homes, responding to the need at a moments notice and sacrificing their days off to be able to receive a new member into the Operation Restoration family!

THANKS, and if you would like to give to this vital working transforming the lives of street children, please go to one of the links in the top right margin of this blog!


Monday, 16 March 2015

New arrivals and more to come.........

El Alfarero - the growing family

On Saturday 7th March we received Roselin into El Alfarero after her week in our Reception House, El Toborochi.
She is originally from the Beni region in northern Bolivia, but has been on the streets in Santa Cruz for some years.
She is just 13 years old and is somewhere between 7 and 8 months pregnant. This is obviously a risky pregnancy due to her age so we would very much appreciate you prayers for her as she settles into the family of El Alfarero and for her soon to be born child.

       Julio (2)     Maria Victoria (3)
Also, Tuesday last week, March 10th Karina's second child, Julio aged 2, was reunited with her in El Alfarero after a long process of evaluation by social services. Julio has joined his mother and older sister, Maria Victoria, aged 3 and is settling in well to the home and enjoying, not only being with his mother, but also the attention of a whole new family of aunts!

New Staff too..........

We had two new staff join the team at El Alfarero at the beginning of February. Raquel and Jhanet are both doing very well and getting to know the girls and the routine of the home, and integrating into the amazing staff team there.

All is well in El Camino

Many people are asking how Agustin is doing. Well, he has settled very well into El Camino and has put on some weight as his body fights the TB and now has just 4 months more treatment till he should be free of the illness.

Thank you for your support and prayers for him through his time of crisis. He now seems to be very decided to stay and is now studying in house with our teachers and will hopefully be fit enough to go to night school mid-2015.


Friday, 27 February 2015

Celebrations, sadness and everything in between!!


Just a couple of weeks ago Blanca celebrated her 15th birthday with the family of El Alfarero. She has now been with us almost 2 years and has become a very precious part of the Operation Restoration family and is seeing much restoration in her heart and life.

Please keep praying for Blanca, that she will have another great year and grow more in her life and faith.


Sadly we have seen several of our boys from El Camino decide to leave us before we would have liked. Jose, Fernandito and Benigno all left about 15 days ago and although our street team has made contact with them, they do not seem to be wanting to return at this time.
Also, sadly, Elimeas age 19, who has been with us for a little over three years and was due to graduate from high school at the end of this year, was reintegrated into family recently. At age 18 all the boys are asked to sign a commitment to some basic guidelines for their continued stay in El Camino. Elimeas had signed this commitment, but after a process of more than three months of asking him to fulfill his commitment, it was decided to reintegrate him back to his family for the good of other boys in the home, who were very negatively influenced by his attitudes and behavior.
These are always the most difficult decisions that our team have to make, but we continue to stay in touch with Elimeas and hopefully see him continue on without our direct help. Please be praying for him also.

....and everything in between.

In our blog dated 5th December 2014 we reported on Agustin who had finally settled into the TB treatment center Comunidad Encuentro and was receiving his initial treatment for TB to become non-contagious.
He did very well for some weeks with regular visits from both our street team and staff from El Camino.


Sometime around 11th February he left the treatment center which puts his life at serious risk, as if he leaves the treatment for more than 30 days he will not be permitted to continue or restart the treatment, due to the fear of creating treatment resistant cases.
Thankfully our street team found Agustin and have convinced him to restart the treatment after just two weeks and he is now in his second stage of treatment in El Camino!
Please keep praying for Agustin, as this may well be his last chance!!

As you can see life with Operation Restoration can be somewhat of a roller-coaster ride. We would appreciate your support and prayers for our all Bolivian team who are responsible for the day to day running of the ministry, and seeing lives transformed through the unconditional love of God for each one of the street children who decide to accept what we are able to offer through God's provision for them.


Thanks again for your crucial part in all we are seeing the Lord do through the ministry of Operation Restoration!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

More Milestones...............

With the new education year starting this coming Monday February 2nd, we are gearing up for another great year, but just before we get full steam ahead into the new school year, we need to report on couple of things!!

Francisco - Environmental Engineer

Francisco, who originally came into El Camino over 10 years ago and graduated from high school in November 2007, had his official university graduation ceremony last week and is now a fully qualified environmental engineer!

Congratulations Pancho!!

There are two more of our young men who will be finishing their university careers during the coming year. Juan, as an electro-mechanic engineer and Roly, in international relations.

Nicol's 15th Birthday

As you may know, in Latin American culture, the 15th birthday for the girls is a big deal! Nicol celebrated her 15th last weekend and enjoyed the traditional party with the El Alfarero family and invited guests.

Blanca (second from the right) will be celebrating her 15th next weekend!

We continue to feel privileged, as the Operation Restoration Team, as we see the Lord transforming the lives of these youngsters.

Thank you for your part in all we are witnessing in their lives each day, month and year, and we trust that we can count on your prayers and support for 2015 and beyond.

If you would like to make a specific contribution to our "Back to School 2015" appeal then please click on the following link:


Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Appeal at 85% plus the Latest News!

Annual Christmas Gift and Meal Appeal

We are thankful to report that this years Christmas Appeal (including Gift Aid) has just reached 85% of our target! If you are able to contribute so we can reach or even exceed our target again this year we would be very grateful, (click on the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/oprestchristmas2014/) as this will give us the ability to bless the children in our care with great Christmas and New Year celebrations, Christmas gifts and a summer (January 3 day/2 night) retreat for the children of both our restoration homes El Camino and El Alfarero. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Agustin is now settled into the TB treatment center, Comunidad Encuentro, 
receiving the treatment he needs to become non-contagious. Members of our First Contact team are visiting him every day to encourage him to see the treatment through, initially in the treatment center, and, once non-contagious in El Camino. Please continue to pray for him and his full recovery.


Efrain, who has been in El Camino 10 years, graduated from high school
last weekend. He had a celebration lunch within the home last Saturday. His sisters and brother-in-law as well as several nieces and nephews were present to celebrate this milestone in his life.
He will be moving on the Torre Fuerte, reintegration house in January where he will begin his higher education. He has grown and matured into a rather shy, but very polite and decided young man and it has been a great pleasure to have him as part of the family of El Camino. We would ask for your prayers as he takes the next step towards his independence.

Summer Vacation!

Please be praying for our leadership team and all the staff who work in our homes as this is the busiest time of year with the summer holidays having begun last weekend and the new education year not starting until the first Monday of February 2015.